“The architecture of Motherhood”, published in The Practising Midwife journal


Our article “The architecture of Motherhood” has been published in the February issue of The Practising Midwife journal. We are proud to be part of this journal packed with current issues, evidence and practice. A must read for anybody working in maternity care.


«An environment determines whatever occurs within it and in this sense, architecture can be used as an ideological tool to enable or block the different processes experienced by a human being. Childbirth is determined by the environment in which it takes place: the space is either a driving force for or brake on the actual process, depending on how the necessary physiological conditions of privacy and safety are provided. In our 21st-century modern society, there is one patriarchal space that has survived despite all the progress and processes regarding the liberation of women: hospital births. It is apparently a small and hidden space within our cities. It has, however, a very large impact on society with short-, mediumand long-term consequences, many of which have yet to be studied…»


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